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Reviews for "The Watford Knight's Fee"

From: 18 May 2018

"What a fantastic piece of work" *****

by: Priscilla Carney

What a fantastic piece of work! I read it because I was interested in Agnes of Watford/Arderne my ~28th Great Grand Mother but there is so much more information in the book and it appears very well researched. I found it an easy read and it would appeal not only to us family historians (amateur or otherwise) but to medieval historians and also to anyone with an interest in 'Knight's Fees', Watford and/or Northampton. Watford Gap will never be the same again!

From: 15 June 2018

"Useful illustrations are found throughout" *****

by: Amazon Customer

This book is an absolute beauty. It's very pleasing to see the arguments about the early Ardens/Ardernes set out so clearly for the first time, and the connection between them and the early Lords of Watford, complete with family trees. Useful illustrations are found throughout, and the text is clear and persuasive. Should be of interest to anyone with a curiosity about the period after the Norman Conquest.

From 19 July 2018

by: KCP

"Extraordinary historical study" *****

Impressive work of meticulous and elegant scholarship which will be a boon to researchers for generations to come. Handsome presentation, nicely designed, pleasant font.

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