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King Arthur and the Watford Village Connection

Sir Thomas Malory

Many know the stories surrounding King Arthur and his knights. Much of the legend is based on a book called ‘Le Morte d’Arthur’. This was written in 1469 by Sir Thomas Malory, while in prison, albeit with privileges given his rank and wealth.

Thomas was a son of Sir John Malory and Lady Philippa of Winwick, a neighbouring parish to the north of Watford. Thomas’s sister, Philippa Malory, became the wife of Eustace de Burneby, lord of Watford, who held of three parts of the knight’s fee of Watford.

Eustace de Burneby and Thomas Malory were friends. In 1443 they were jointly charged with kidnapping and stealing, charges possibly politically driven. The king granted Eustace a general pardon in 1463, whereas Thomas was never pardoned.

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